Koherenciateremtés, koherenciatörés és meglepetés az evolúciós-kognitív narratológiában Bodor Ádám Konyhatitok című novellája alapján

  • Horváth Márta Szegedi Tudományegyetem Germán Filológiai Intézet Osztrák Irodalom és Kultúra Tanszék


Creating and breaking coherence, and the element of surprise. A cognitive narratological analysis of Konyhatitok, a short story by Ádám Bodor

Striving to reach cognitive consonance is part of our cognitive apparatus, and this effort is also evident when reading fiction: the reader tries to create a consistent and coherent mental image of the story. The main effect of certain literary texts, however, is achieved by resisting the reader’s effort to create coherence. This is especially true for short stories in which a turn of events suddenly introduces something new. The reader is forced to revise their previous concepts and to process the story through critical thinking. In this study I will use Ádám Bodor’s Konyhatitok to show how coherence creation and the element of surprise work when we read literary