Estradiol and testosterone hormones as a method for sex determination of Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) from Zhrebchevo Dam Lake, Bulgaria

  • Alexander ATANASOFF Trakia University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 6014 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
  • Anton RUSENOV Trakia University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 6014 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
  • Dimitrinka ZAPRYANOVA Trakia University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 6014 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
  • Lazarin LAZAROV Trakia University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 6014 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
  • Cigdem URKU Istanbul University, Faculty of Aquatic Science, 34134 Istanbul, Türkiye
  • Galin NIKOLOV Trakia University, Faculty of Agriculture, 6014 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Keywords: determination of gender, 17β-estradiol, sturgeon, testosterone


Determination of the gender in sturgeon is very important in fish farmers, as sex is one of the main factors that determine aim of cultivating them. One of the method for maturation monitoring of sturgeons is steroid hormone analysis. On this base the current study used estradiol and testosterone hormones to determine the gender of 2-3-year-old Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) cultivated in sturgeon broodstock farm located in the Zhrebchevo Dam lake, Bulgaria. The serum concentrations of circulating reproductive hormones found in the both sex were similar to the hormonal profiles in previously reports. The results were confirmed also by histological examination, which showed pre-vitellogenic stage (Stage I) in female and maturity (Stage V) at the male individuals. The findings indicate the force of current steroid hormones as a method for sex determination. In conclusion, analysis of circulating reproductive hormones may be a useful method in early determining the sex of Siberian sturgeon.


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