Samuel Rochotius könyvei a Rákóczi család gyűjteményében

  • Róbert Oláh TTRE Nagykönyvtára, 4026 Debrecen, Kálvin tér 16.
Kulcsszavak: library history, 17th Century, Hungary, civilisation history, Bohemian Brethren, Samuel Rochotius, Rákóczi Family


The Volumes of Samuel Rochotius at the Collection of the Rákóczi Family

Samuel Rochotius à Rochiczerberga (ante 1580 – post 1629) was a minister ot the Czech Brethren at Prusinowitz, Moravia (today: Prusinovice, Czech Republic) in 1607. After 1624 as an exile he found asylum at Lednic (today: Lednica, Slovakia) of the dowry of Zsuzsanna Lorántffy, György Rákóczi’s wife. Rákóczi bought a part of his library, helping the minister’s financial difficulties in 1629. This time we introduce eleven books of the minister’s former library (seven in Sárospatak, two in Debrecen and two in Budapest now), giving detailed description and analysis of the works preserved in the volumes. Bible commentaries, theological controversies, the ’opera omnia’ of Melanchthon and a collection of funeral sermons and elegies testify the Moravian minister’s high erudition.