Oláh Miklós könyvtára és olvasmányai

  • István Monok
  • Edina Zvara
Kulcsszavak: library history, Hungary, 16th Century, readings history, Nicolaus Olahus


The library and readings of Miklós Oláh

In the past decades many researchers explored successfully the traces of the library of Miklós Oláh. However, the majority of data are either archive mentions or library records that were made without handling the books. During the preparative research of this current lecture, we found 202 works that were once part of Miklós Oláh’s library. We can now form a view on Oláh’s deep and extensive (eruditive) intellectual horizon and his reading habits. The latter can also be analysed by Oláh’s marginal-notes written in his printed books.

Handling of his books also gives the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how his library was growing. The notes of previous owners of Oláh’s books provide rich data to reconstruct the humanist archbishop’s network.