Az író és az őrző. Csányi Vilmos, az író

  • Endre Kiss ELTE-BTK, ORZSE
Kulcsszavak: novellák, 90-es évek valósága, szürrealitás és hibriditás, reprimitivizálódás, bunkóság


In the volume, Csányi sums up the reality of his words - he leads the reader through the posthistorical hybrid world of Hungary of the nineties changing its system. This Hungary did not flinch from anything stronger than confronting itself before with its own reality in realities. In an apparently paradoxical way, the being and the keeper reveal to be the socialist realism of the postmodernism or the neoliberalism.

The real history of the post-communist transformation has so to speak hardly been taken up in Hungary by the „Belles Lettres.” In this comparison, Vilmos Csányi's work is the most significant and at the same time intellectually most creative on this reality of the transformation.

Creativity's and reality's proximity are meeting in the representation of the real-social and the mental hybridity of this period.

Here, strange ideas, life forms and mentalities lived side by side. Therefore, the hybrid reality absorbs a whole series of "differences" in itself.

The real-hybrid reality gives a natural surrealism, which, however, the real-existing humans of the period take up with a healthy normality and natural simplification. The duality, which can also be interpreted as ontological, is taken up in the everyday life by a naturalness reminiscent of reprimitization.


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