Gyógyír-e az állandó-mágneses textília?

  • Csaba Kutasi
Kulcsszavak: Pólus, mágneses térerősség, Biomagnetic, farmakológia, mágneses rezonancia


There are two, but typical examples of characterizing the variety of offers and opinions:„The deficiencies of the vital magnetism can be attributedfor countless illnesses and discomforts”, „Venous blood circulation improves, the magnet increases the absorption of blood clots…”,on the other hand: „The magnet does not heal even if it costs a quarter of a million…”, „We were deceived again: there is no use of magnet therapy!?” Seemingly scientific and well-founded explanations, and several annoying experiences can be found at the same time while surfing the Internet. We deal with the issue through magnetic textile products, but the answers can be generalized.


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