Archived Editorial Notes

This page contains the archived versions of the Editorial Notes and announcements published in the journal before 2017. 

 - Changes in the publishing of IBVS after No. 6000 (2010) - new editors, cease of print issues and subscription fees.

Editorial note on publishing minima/maxima times (2009)

- Editorial note on the determination of minima/maxima times (2007)

- Announcement on submitting small notes to the IBVS (2005)

- Editorial note on the publication policies of IBVS (2004)

- Announcement of cross-linking between IBVS and the GCVS (2004)

- Announcement on offprints of IBVS papers (2004)

- Announcement: introducing the Reports on new variables segment (2003)

- Announcement: introducing the New Observations of Variables segment (2003)

Editorial Note (2000) - on the disapproval of repoting new discoveries that do not contain information about the variability type, changes to the electronic edition and the mailing of printed issues, and announcing a new Editor and a new Editorial Board.

- Announcement of the IBVS CD-ROM collection (pdf), and invoices for the first (pdf) and second (pdf) volumes.

Editorial Note (1996) - on a variety of issues, including the scope of the journal, page charges, the refereeing process, papers from amateurs and based on visual data, electronic submission and circulation, and back issues.
Original version: pdf

Editorial Note (1992) - on establishing the Editorial Board and a subscription fee for the journal.
Scanned version of the printed note: pdf

Editorial Note (1991) - on limiting the mailing of issues to observaties and libraries, and some comments on page limits and most typical problems of submitted manuscripts.
Scanned version of the printed note: pdf

Editorial Note (1988) - on setting stricter requirements for manuscripts, including typesetting and content of text, the desired quality of figures and disapproval of submitting preliminary results.
Scanned version of the printed note: pdf