Archived Announcements

This page contains the archived versions of the various Announcements not directly related to IBVS published in the journal before 2017. 


External announcements

- BAV Lichtenknecker-Database on-line

- Peremennye Zvezdy (Variable Stars) 

- On eJAAVSO and Variable Star indeX

BAV Lichtenknecker-Database

Corrections in The 75th Name-List of Variable Stars

- Release of the INES (IUE Newly Extracted Spectra) archive (pdf)

- AP Aurigae - request for new observations (pdf)

- The Astronomical Almanac To Be Revised (pdf)

 - Availability of photometric data (V441 Her, V814 Her , R CrB) - J.D. Fernie (pdf)

- Changes in the SAC - Rocznik Astronomiczny Obserwatorium Krakowskiego (pdf)

- GCVS IVth Ed. Volume V is available (pdf)


Conference announcements

- New Horizons in Time Domain Astronomy, IAU Symposium 285, Sept. 19-23, 2011, Oxford (pdf)

- JENAM 2003 Minisymposia: - The palette of magnetic phenomena from active stars to the Sun / Active stars and interacting binaries - Astroseismology and Stellar Evolution (pdf)

- IAU Colloquium 176 (pdf)